How are points calculated in a casino card game?

The timeless card game casino has evolved into various versions over time. These include Royal Casino, Casino (Kasino) in the North, and Casino in Southern Africa, each with or without bidding. Yet, grasping the rules and points is a universal aim. Once you’re acquainted, you’re set to tackle any game variation.

The Rules of Casino Card Games

  1. You need at least two players to get the game going, but it is also just right for a group of 3 to 4 players. When there are four players, they team up in partnerships.
  2. The game is best played using a standard deck without any jokers.
  3. Cards hold value through building and excluding face cards. The remaining cards derive their value from the number of spots they bear.
  4. The player who took the cards last receives all the remaining cards from the middle at the end of the round.
  5. Kings, queens, and jacks can’t be combined; they’re only allowed to be paired and taken.
  6. During a turn, a player can only play one card from their hand.
  7. Players have the opportunity to form combinations if they hold a card in their hand that matches the value of the combination being formed.
  8. Once all combinations are declared, their initial value remains fixed and cannot be increased by any player during the course of the game.
  9. The value of call combinations remains constant from the start and cannot be raised by any player throughout the game.
  10. Your objective as a player is to outscore your opponents. Achieve this by collecting more cards and spades than your adversary.

Ultimately, players assess the cards they’ve gathered and tally their values. This evaluation determines the outcome of their gameplay and whether they’ve achieved success.

Points Calculation

  • The 10 of diamonds are worth about 2 points.
  • The 2 of Spade is worth about 1 point.
  • Aces are worth 1 point.
  • The players with the most spades get 1 point.
  • Players with the most cards get 3 points.

If there’s a tie for most cards or spades, neither player scores points. The winner is the first player to reach 21+ points. In case of another tie, an additional round must be played.

However, in Royal Casino games, standard Casino rules are followed, but with face cards holding added numerical values:

  • Jacks = 11.
  • Queens = 12.
  • Kings = 13.
  • An ace is either a 1 or 14.

Royal Casino incorporates the sweeps variant, where a player collects all table cards of the same value, prompting the next player to trail. Upon a successful sweep, the captured card is placed face-up atop the pile of won cards with the identical numerical value. Each sweep garners 1 point.


The scoring differs with different games but yet shares certain similarities. Once you get a grasp on how the scoring works, you will be able to build your skills accordingly and eventually master these games. These best online casino games are not just of pure luck but are strategy games that require you to research and build insight in order to win.

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